Obituary - Frozen In Time
1. Redneck Stomp 6. Mindset
2. On The Floor 7. Stand Alone
3. Insane 8. Slow Death
4. Blindsided 9. Denied
5. Back Inside 10. Lockjaw


It is always a calculated risk for bands away from the music industry for any sustained amount of time to try and make a return. For Messer's Tardy, Peres, West and Watkins 8 long years have elapsed since the bands last full length release, but the boys from Tampa return kicking and screaming like a blood thirsty zombie eager to finish you off;  with a slab of Death Metal the way it was supposed to be made. Such was the impact of Obituary to Death Metal development that their contribution can still be felt today and in an age of post Killwitch Engage, how refreshing it is then to have the return of one of the genre's true fore-fathers.

"Frozen In Time" is what any fan of Obituary would have been hoping for these long years past. Unlike many of their erstwhile deathly stable mates, Obituary were never speed obsessed, but rather contenting themselves with raw power and a groove not found in your run of the mill Death Metal release. One has only to look and listen to the album's opening track, "Reckneck Stomp" for evidence of this. It was always this very reason that differentiated Obituary from the rest of what became an over populated pond; the bands ability to write hook fuelled, foot tapping yet in your face songs. The band do however venture into forays of mind melting speed with such tracks as "Insane" and "Stand Alone". Demonstrating that West and Peres are undoubtedly one of the genre's most potent dual guitar partnerships, and it is not hard to make comparisons with their overall precision to the likes of King and Hanneman; and with Donald Tardy drumming providing a rock solid foundation from which to launch their audio attack, mayhem soon ensues.

The screams and roars we have come to expect from John Tardy remain, sounding as raw and as vital as they did some 15 years ago. Like all reunions you need all the family at the party to make the event complete. The cherry on the cake is the return from self imposed retirement of Scott Burns; the mastermind behind some many of the Floridian bands sound of the early nineties. It is fair to say in terms of progression from the bands previous material, there is little. This is not however meant in a negative sense. As anyone who had the pleasure to witness such albums as "Slowly We Rot", "Cause Of Death" or "World Demise" first time around will testify to; if it ain't broke don't fix it. With the reformation of Obituary, David Vincent's return to the mighty Morbid Angel comes a very low whisper that the return of all that made Death Metal glorious and ground breaking is on the verge of a second coming; all we now need do is hunt down Kam Lee and the whole reunion is complete.

2005-08 Metal Chaos